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A collaborative exhibition of postcards postscripted by hannah festival visitors

Postscript is an interactive exhibition of postcards posted to Leeds and “postscripted” by hannah festival visitors. In this international mail art collaboration set in Laynes Espresso, you choose a postcard from the exhibition and colour in / add to / take away from / fill in / write on / tippex out / tamper with it, then we post it back to the artist. Each postcard is documented and displayed on this blog.

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About Alice & Vanessa: Alice Bradshaw & Vanessa Haley are West Yorkshire based artists and curators. They co-curated for Holmfirth Arts Festival in 2011 an 2012, after meeting whilst working on Warehouse Weekend at Bates Mill, Huddersfield, in 2010.

About hannah festival: hannah festival asks three questions: What great stuff is happening in the North now? Who is doing it? How can more of it happen? The festival highlights new activities like that in any field, including art, music, new businesses, new kinds of social organisation and new scientific inventions. To discover new events the festival draws on the expertise and enthusiasm of people living and working here. They will organise the events they want see happening, making connections with other places in the North and internationally.The first hannah festival will be in Leeds in June this year, then we hope in Newcastle next year, then in Sheffield and Doncaster in 2015 and across the Pennines from 2016. hannah is named after, and inspired by, Hannah Mitchell, a suffragette and rebel.


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